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GFC newsletter: 30 years and beyond

GFC is the only nonprofit dedicated to identifying, funding, and coaching grassroots organizations that empower children and youth. To reflect our 30th anniversary celebrations this year, our monthly newsletter will feature snippets of our journey over the years, the inspiring grassroots groups we work with, and our aspirations to create a better world with and for young people. 


Every year GFC recognizes the outstanding achievements of exceptional grassroots partners who are creating lasting change in their communities, through the Maya Ajmera Sustainability Award, named after GFC’s founder, Maya Ajmera. The award funds serve as an investment in the winners’ long-term stability. Here are this year’s winners:

Read to Learn Foundation/ Uganda

Read to Learn Foundation is an early literacy development organization offering innovative learning spaces in underserved communities, such as community book clinics. The organization has also established the Book Drive Store, a literary initiative that focuses on publishing children's storybooks, producing educational toys, and integrating a multilingual app. Learn more about Read to Learn Foundation and its focus on literacy development in Uganda.

One Sky Foundation/ Thailand

One Sky Foundation works with migrant and Indigenous children across the Thailand-Myanmar border who are at risk of abuse and exploitation. The organization supports access to education and healthcare by helping families earn a reliable income and offering programs for girls and women. Find out more about One Sky Foundation, including its work to pass legislation to reduce the number of children placed in unregulated children’s homes.

We are proud to be working with such dedicated and transformative grassroots organizations. Congratulations to Read to Learn Foundation and One Sky Foundation for their impactful work in literacy development, economic independence, and child protection.

Last year, Global Fund for Children partnered with 293 innovative and impactful grassroots groups like these, across 40 countries. We can only do this because of your loyal and generous support. 


During the past 30 years, we have supported countless numbers of brave youth leaders to address social challenges and take action in their communities. These young leaders have dedicated their lives to supporting children and young people living extremely tough lives. In our 30th year, our monthly newsletter is shining a light on some of these inspiring, game-changing young activists.

Meet Salomie and Yatta, two Liberian activists who are passionate advocates for women’s rights and gender equality. These young leaders have something else in common: they both attended the Adolescent Girls Summit (AGS)– a summit designed and created by adolescents themselves – in Liberia in 2022. At the summit, Salome and Yatta met other like-minded individuals in a safe space to share their stories. They both left the summit filled with courage and inspiration to continue creating change. Learn more about their AGS experience.

PS: The second-ever Adolescent Girls Summit is happening this month in Liberia, from 26-29 March. Check out GFC’s social media for updates directly from the summit. 


Nataly Michel is an elite fencing champion who represented Mexico in the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, and is considered one of the most important fencers in Mexican history. Smashing gender stereotypes in the world of sports since she discovered fencing at the tender age of 10, as a GFC Ambassador she plans to use her voice and her experiences to encourage gender justice and youth power within the Americas

“Growing up in Zambia, I saw the importance of a community taking care of its own. Global Fund for Children powers its partners to take the lead in the work they do – these community leaders know their people, their needs, and their limitations better than anyone.”
Susan Chardy is a Zambian-English model, actor, entrepreneur, and philanthropist, who is passionate about helping others and continually finding ways to give back. Through her role as a Global Ambassador to GFC, she looks forward to being a part of GFC’s mission to power the potential of young people to make lasting and impactful change in their communities.

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