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----------------------------Grassroots Review, your link to empowering children and youth worldwide

Grassroots Review, your link to empowering children and youth worldwide.

Collaborating across continents to prevent abuse

An image from the Guatemalan version of an online child safety course

GFC partners Asociación Pop No’j in Guatemala and Arpan in India first met in 2017 through an initiative that brought together local leaders from around the world. Since then, they have collaborated to educate children, caregivers, and teachers on child sexual abuse prevention. Learn about their recent projects, including an online course for children, and why they believe more organizations should embrace cross-border collaboration.

The shift the power mindset

A youth circle facilitated by GFC partner Organización para el Empoderamiento de la Juventud in Honduras

GFC was built on the idea that local leaders know best, but we recognize that disrupting power imbalances and establishing trust-based relationships is easier said than done. In this blog post, GFC President and CEO John Hecklinger shares how GFC is shifting power to local partners, including youth-led groups. Read about our commitments and what we’re doing to fulfill them.

Meet Mark, Marine, and Jaclyn

New GFC Board members Marine Abiad, Mark Wilson, and Jaclyn Foroughi

We’re excited to announce our newest GFC Board members: Mark Wilson and Marine Abiad, who have joined the UK Trust Board of Trustees, and Jaclyn Foroughi, who has joined the Global Board of Directors. "GFC is one of the most thoughtful and self-reflective organizations with whom I have worked,” Jaclyn said. “I am so privileged to get to participate in their growth as an organization and impact on lives around the world.” Meet Mark, Marine, and Jaclyn and learn why they joined the GFC team.


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