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The Global Fund for Children - Enews Update - Feb 2017
Neil Ghosh Spring Gala GFC Awards GFC in the News

Susan Goodell

Dear Friend,

Here at GFC, we believe in creating partnerships, not dependencies. We succeed when our grassroots partners have the skills, knowledge, and capacity to continue their amazing work well into the future … even after our financial partnership has ended.

That’s why I’m so proud to announce our 2017 Maya Ajmera Sustainability Award winners. This competitive, capstone award is designed to recognize outstanding GFC partners that are ready for the next level of impact.

GFC’s founder, Maya Ajmera, pioneered the award in 2005, providing carefully selected grassroots partners with a strategic infusion of funds to enhance their long-term sustainability. Since then, 141 organizations have received the award, which was named in Maya’s honor in 2012.

To learn about this year’s two winners, view our photo slideshows of awardees Mariposa DR Foundation in the Dominican Republic and COBURWAS International Youth Organization to Transform Africa in Uganda.

These awards are what GFC is all about: not just protecting children and youth, but building resilient communities through grassroots development. There are few people I’ve met who understand this more than our new executive vice president, Neil Ghosh. A thought leader, innovator, and strategist, Neil joins us with a deep commitment to vulnerable children and youth, inspired by his childhood growing up in Kolkata, India, and his vast professional experience in global anti-poverty work.
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New GFC Executive VP Neil Ghosh
Neil Ghosh With a specialty in driving organizations to achieve sustainability and growth, Neil leads GFC’s strategy and innovation, as well as its development, communications, and marketing.

Neil Ghosh
Be Our Guest! Spring Gala
Attend the Gala

It’s our biggest event of the year! Join GFC board members, staff, partners, and supporters in London for an evening of powerful testimony featuring grassroots leaders who are on the front lines of the refugee crisis.

Gala Details
Sustainability Award Winners
Sustainability Awards

We’re proud to honor these outstanding GFC grassroots partners with the 2017 Maya Ajmera Sustainability Award:

Mariposa DR Foundation in the Dominican Republic

COBURWAS International Youth Organization to Transform Africa (CIYOTA) in Uganda

GFC in the News
IHRG report In a just-released report from the International Human Rights Funders Group (IHRFG), GFC is recognized as a global top 20 funder for human rights. The Advancing Human Rights report analyzes the landscape of human rights funding in 2014 and reveals that, out of more than 700 grantmaking organizations, GFC ranked in the top 20 in terms of number of human rights grants.

In his recent article To Fight Terror We Must Give Youth a Seat at the Table in the World Post (partner publication of the Huffington Post), Neil Ghosh discusses the need for renewed focus on reducing violence and terror perpetuated by youth in the US and abroad and shares positive examples effective youth engagement solutions.

CBS News special report “Haiti: A Homegrown Recovery” features GFC grassroots partner SAKALA, whose urban farm recovery program is heralded for its effective results, in contrast to some of the failing efforts of major humanitarian organizations in Haiti.

Invisible Children bookGFC founder Maya Ajmera's new book, “Invisible Children," presents inspiring stories and innovative, community-level approaches to give a voice to vulnerable children.

In GFC’s “On the Road” series, program director Joe Bednarek takes us to Turkey to meet idea man Celal Karadogan, who runs Young Disabled Sports Club. Through Celal's bold, tireless, and enterprising leadership, more children in the region are getting help, which includes many Syrian refugee children new to the area.
Top Photo: © Gabriella Moses. Mariposa DR Foundation, Dominican Republic

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