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GFC is the only nonprofit dedicated to identifying, funding, and coaching grassroots organizations that empower children and youth. Our monthly newsletter features the work of our partners and youth leaders, exciting GFC campaigns and events, and new initiatives.

Making the world a better place for girls

A group of schoolgirls walking together.

This October, we celebrated International Day of the Girl Child, recognizing that now more than ever, girls’ rights and leadership are not just ideals but cornerstones of an equitable and empowered world. We shone a spotlight on GFC’s grassroots partners – from Nepal to Sierra Leone to Mexico – who have taken up the mantle to ensure girls’ voices are heard and their wellbeing is secured. Find out more about how GFC and our funders – including Tides Foundation, People’s Postcode Lottery, the Dorothea Haus Ross Foundation, Comic Relief US, the Estée Lauder Companies Charitable Foundation, and Girls Rights Project – are helping support girls.

Opening up pathways to education

Little children painting with watercolours guided by a teacher.

Across Guatemala and Honduras, community-based partners in GFC’s RECARGA initiative – which supports educational recovery in Central America – are working hard to ensure all children have access to education. Partners have opened learning centers in poverty-stricken areas, are providing opportunities to students with learning disabilities, and are helping children learn much-needed life skills. Learn more about how the RECARGA initiative is supporting local communities to make children’s education dreams a reality.

⭐️ The RECARGA initiative is a collaboration between GFC and Tinker Foundation, The Summit Foundation, International Community Foundation, Luis von Ahn Foundation, Focus Central America, Vibrant Village Foundation, and The Ward Foundation.

Investing in children’s mental health and wellbeing

A group of little children at school.

Young people today face multiple challenges which affect their mental health, including conflict and violence, climate change, and social media. As we commemorated World Mental Health Day in October, we emphasized the need to prioritize children’s mental health and wellbeing. In this article, GFC President and CEO John Hecklinger highlighted how investing in grassroots organizations helps more quickly and effectively reach children and youth who are struggling with mental health issues in communities around the world.

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