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----------------------------Grassroots Review, your link to empowering children and youth worldwide

Grassroots Review, your link to empowering children and youth worldwide.

Protecting children in Ukraine

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Before the war, many of GFC’s local partners in Ukraine supported orphans or children with disabilities. Now, they are also providing humanitarian aid: evacuating children; distributing basic necessities like food, medicine, and fuel; and doing everything they can to keep young people safe. Read more about one GFC partner’s harrowing evacuation from Kyiv to Riga, Latvia with a group of children with disabilities.

Celebrating one year of Funder Safeguarding Collaborative

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Last March, GFC and four other philanthropic organizations launched Funder Safeguarding Collaborative (FSC) to support global efforts to prevent abuse and exploitation. FSC now has more than 50 members who have together invested over $1 million to help the collaborative grow and to support its initiatives. Learn more about FSC’s accomplishments so far, including a pilot project that champions locally developed safeguarding strategies in Uganda.

Finding hope during a difficult time

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For many people, the first few months of 2022 have felt bleak. The COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact children and youth around the world, while the war in Ukraine has put millions of young lives at risk. In this article, GFC Managing Director Hayley Roffey explains how GFC is responding to these two crises and highlights some of the incredible young people and local leaders who give her hope.

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