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----------------------------Grassroots Review, your link to empowering children and youth worldwide

Grassroots Review, your link to empowering children and youth worldwide.

Safety, risks, and care during the pandemic

Children with coronavirus information

Amid the global crisis, GFC’s local partners have launched new initiatives that go beyond humanitarian aid, including a community radio station, community gardens, and virtual courses. In this blog, GFC’s Rodrigo Barraza García reflects on what he and our local partners have learned about staying safe while continuing to serve children and support each other. Read about these initiatives and what the crisis has taught us about collective care.

A virtual convening in West Africa

GFC West Africa virtual convening

GFC’s Africa team was looking forward to hosting an in-person convening in April to launch a new initiative in rural Liberia and Sierra Leone to empower adolescent girls. COVID-19 disrupted those plans, but the team used a virtual convening as an opportunity to help local partners get the resources they needed to engage online. Learn how the convening helped our team and partners gain valuable skills for navigating a changed world.

Meet Sunga

Sunga Kufeyani

Sunga Kufeyani, the cofounder of Loving Arms Malawi and an advocate for girls’ education, was recently elected Secretary of GFC’s Youth Leadership Council. “I see the work that GFC does, especially on the African continent, the support that they give to children’s organizations,” she said. “Being on the council gives me the opportunity to contribute to the decisions about that.” Meet Sunga – and learn what youth empowerment means to her.

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