The words “back-to-school” have no meaning for millions of at-risk children around the world. Please help us mobilize a new campaign to #EducateEveryChild.
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Dear Friend,

As college students excited to head back to school this week, we were shocked to learn that 124 million children worldwide lack access to education. Our internship at The Global Fund for Children has inspired us to take steps to change that by initiating the Educate Every Child campaign.

Refugees, children in conflict areas, girls of all ages, children with disabilities, child laborers, and many children living in poverty struggle to get the education they need and deserve. And while these children stand to gain the most from going to school—they are the least likely to access education.

Educate Every Child Kit Our month-long campaign calls on everyone in the GFC global community—including you!—to take action: small steps that add up to more children getting the education they rightly deserve.

Join the movement and get your Take Action Toolkit today.

GFC has been tackling educational barriers with innovative solutions for 20 years. They work in the heart of underserved communities through powerful grassroots partnerships—with meaningful results:

-Parents learn to stand up for their daughters’ right to an education;

-Children with disabilities engage in the classroom instead of remaining isolated at home;

-Child laborers go to school instead of to work

HOW THE CAMPAIGN WORKS: Open your Take Action Toolkit for downloadable social media ads and outreach templates to help spread word of the campaign. Talk to friends and family about why this matters. Host a fundraiser at your school or organization. Share, like, post, and become a vital part of this growing movement and make #EducateEveryChild a success!

Donations are key to fueling grassroots solutions proven to help children learn, be safe, and thrive. A gift, whatever the amount—$5, $50 or $500—goes to work in communities where children are most in need.

Educate Every Child
Together we can stand up for our shared vision: that all children gain an education and skills for a more prosperous life and thriving community.

Thank you for fighting to #EducateEveryChild. We’ll be back in touch throughout the campaign.

Make a gift

P.S. International Literacy Day is Friday, Sept 8. Look out for special GFC announcements and offers that will inspire our community of global education advocates. Your Toolkit awaits!

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