Sohini’s moment of obligation transformed the lives of trafficked children - now you can see her story in the new award-winning documentary "Little Stones"(Watch)
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The young trafficking survivors that Sohini Chakraborty works with have endured terrible violence and abuse – atrocities that no one should experience, let alone a child.

When Sohini shared her story with The Global Fund for Children, we learned about the moment of obligation that propelled her to create Kolkata Sanved, which helps children and women who have been trafficked and exploited:

Kolkata Sanved
In 1996, I saw a poster with a girl’s face and a poem: They sell me/ My own blood/ For gold and for silver/ I rinse and rinse my mouth/ But the taste of treachery remains / I am no more a bride-to-be / I am not a mother-to-be / I am no future-to-be.

I stopped for a moment. This was my moment of obligation. This poster led me to meet an NGO working with trafficking survivors. There and then I decided to start working with these women and children to help turn their lives into where they can say "I am a bride-to-be, mother-to-be, and future-to-be" – through dance.

Sohini integrates dance and cultural expression with group facilitation, rights education, and interpersonal communication. Her rehabilitation model is helping thousands of children and women overcome their past trauma and develop new skills for a better life.

If it weren’t for Sohini’s moment, it's uncertain what would have become of the vulnerable children and youth she helped.

Learn more about Sohini and Kolkata Sanved – watch this film trailer for the widely acclaimed “Little Stones” documentary that features her work. The film is now open in select theaters. Support GFC to help Kolkata Sanved and other life-changing partners like them.
Kolkata Sanved doucumentary
At GFC we work tirelessly through our grassroots partners, like Kolkata Sanved, for the children we serve. Our approach addresses the spectrum of children's needs, providing them the opportunity to grow up healthy and safe, get an education, and pursue their dreams.

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