For Asif a pivotal moment led to profound change for him and his community. One simple moment of support from you now can be crucial for children in need.

What's your moment?
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We have asked our supporters to share with us the stories surrounding their moment of obligation: the moment in their lives that inspired them to take action to help others.

Today we're asking you to make this your moment: donate to The Global Fund for Children to change a child's life. 

We’ve received entries from around the world. Here is what Asif shared with us:

His moment came when he was living in Niger, a year after The Great Drought began.

"I was in a rundown restaurant. Outside a group of young boys gathered, desperately pleading for food. A diner opened the window and passed a plate through it.  Thirty boys pummeled each other trying to get a bite. I will never forget the desperation on their faces. I had seen extreme poverty before, but realized at that moment that I was witnessing hopelessness. I committed the rest of my professional life to Niger and its neighbors."

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Asif committed the rest of his professional life to restoring dignity and opportunity to poverty stricken communities. His moment sparked compassionate action, and changed the lives of children and families touched by his work.

The same is true for the children we support at GFC. We rely on the actions of our grassroots partners and you to help us provide children in underserved communities with the care they need to be safe and thrive.

Please take a moment and give to The Global Fund for Children so this crucial work can continue. Your action in this moment, will provide lasting change for vulnerable children.

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