The heart and struggle of Mozambican children during the country’s civil war ignited Michele’s moment of obligation. Here’s her story:
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From: GFC supporter Michele M., U.S.

My "moment" happened in 1988, when I was 26 years old and visiting Mozambique for the first time. The civil war was raging and millions of people had become "deslocados," internally displaced people who were forced to live in refugee camps or urban slums.
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Meanwhile, back at home in Indiana, my kid sister Molly was only 14 years old. I missed home, and missed Molly. She was now the "only child" at home, facing the struggles many 14-year-olds face. Everywhere I went, I met Mozambican kids who were almost exactly Molly's age.

I met Rosa and her gang of street girls in Maputo as tough as nails, fighting boys for the privilege of guarding foreigners' cars...and the 14-year-old boys at the deslocado camp, one so stunted by a lifetime of hunger that his body was the size of an 8-year-old but his face looked 18.
That was the moment I realized that being 14 is hard everywhere, but it shouldn't be that hard. No one deserves hunger and homelessness, especially kids

Michele’s moment propelled her to action and today she’s a champion for vulnerable children’s rights.

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