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GFC newsletter: 30 years and beyond

GFC is the only nonprofit dedicated to identifying, funding, and coaching grassroots organizations that empower children and youth. As we celebrate 30 years of GFC, our monthly newsletter will feature our journey, our inspiring grassroots partners, and our aspirations to create a better world with and for young people. 

Since its inception 30 years ago, GFC has championed an approach of channeling funding directly into communities where it is needed most and where it can have the most impact. While traditional funders provide restricted funding – money that is tied to a specific project and timeline – GFC provides flexible, long-term support to grassroots groups. This is with the recognition and trust that it is they who best understand what their communities need. Learn more about why flexible funding is so important.

PS: Join us and our community-based partners in amplifying the growing calls in philanthropy for flexible funding through the #FlexibleFundingWorks campaign.


During the past 30 years, we have witnessed countless numbers of brave youth leaders rising up to address social challenges and take action. This year, our newsletter will carry a dedicated space to spotlight some of these inspiring young people.

Featured this month are two activists from different regions but with the same passion to make a difference. Meet Rostik, a GFC Youth Leadership Council member, championing children’s education and fiercely defending the hope for freedom in Ukraine. And check out this IG Live with Marcos – who has been with GFC grassroots partner Onda Solidária since the age of ten – and learn more about how he leads climate resilience work in Brazil.


It’s been two years since Russia declared war on Ukraine, completely changing everyday life in the country, including dismantling children’s access to education. Grassroots groups in Ukraine have played a pivotal role in addressing all aspects of access to education, including switching from offering road safety tips to landmine safety trainings for young people as they travel to school and providing psychological and emotional support to restore faith in their studies. 
"I remind them [children] that they are heroes too, and their front line is their education," said Olha Pavych, a Ukrainian language teacher and volunteer at NGO Education 360. 
Read this article in which GFC reiterates the importance of supporting organizations on the ground with flexible funding, as they are truly the best placed to find solutions and address children’s evolving needs during such challenging circumstances.
If you’d like to support us in providing flexible funding to grassroots groups like these, please consider making a donation.


Exciting news! Our annual report is almost ready for release and is coming to you in an all-new style and format.👀 Keep an eye out for it next month. 

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