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GFC newsletter: 30 years and beyond

GFC is the only nonprofit dedicated to identifying, funding, and coaching grassroots organizations that empower children and youth. As we celebrate 30 years of GFC, our monthly newsletter will feature our journey, our inspiring grassroots partners, and our aspirations to create a better world with and for young people. 

From a train platform to a global grassroots network…
GFC’s story began on a hot and dusty train platform in India. Maya Ajmera, stepped off the train to witness an unusual sight – a group of children and a teacher sitting in a circle on the ground, engrossed in learning. Approaching them, Maya learned that a local organization – in a bid to provide a pathway out of poverty – offered the children free education, clothing, and food. This simple, powerful model of grassroots change inspired Maya to create Global Fund for Children based on the belief that small amounts of money, when given to innovative, community-based organizations, could make a real, lasting impact on the lives of children and youth facing adversity.

Since then, GFC has invested over $63 million in more than 1,000 grassroots organizations, reaching millions of children and youth worldwide. With your support, we will continue to fiercely champion the voices of children and young people everywhere. 

Our inspiring youth leaders

During the past 30 years, we have witnessed countless numbers of brave youth leaders rising up to address social challenges and take action. This year, our newsletter will carry a dedicated space to spotlight some of these inspiring young people. 

To kick things off, we are proud to feature Monika and Thomas, young activists from Nepal and Sierra Leone respectively, who are both championing a common cause – gender justice. Learn about their work and how both of them are creating change in their communities. 

A message from our President and CEO 

As we step into our 30th year hear from our President and CEO, John Hecklinger, about all things GFC. John shares how GFC’s work has evolved over the years with the focus on young people as both our present and our future, and how GFC will continue to support grassroots organizations dedicated to tackling challenges in their communities. Watch the interview here.

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